To encourage advancement, innovation and understanding within the realm of academic related educational technology

Why Educational Technology is Important to FAAET

FAAET strongly believes that effectively using educational technology in the classroom can benefit all students.

FAAET believes understanding of educational technology can lead to further creativity and vision. This is why FAAET intends to offer scholarships and grants based on funding to advance the field of educational technology both via students pursuing possibilities not otherwise available to them and innovators receiving funding to create in the realm of educational technology that would not otherwise be available to them.

This is why FAAET intends to provide individuals of all ages tutorials and other information through our learning community. FAAET will also provide additional thoughts on educational technology through its blog posts. FAAET will actively seek out known and respected figures in the field to guest blog for us, in addition to our posts

Other Influential People

Tom Whitby Tom is an established author and blogger within the world of educational technology. He is the founder of #Edchat on Twitter, EDU PLN, Edchat Radio and 6 LinkedIn EDU groups. For more information on Tom visit his Twitter account @ https://twitter.com/tomwhitby or his personal website @ http://tomwhitby.wordpress.com/

Eric Sheninger Eric has held positions as Principal and Vice Principal prior to becoming a Director of Technology and Innovation. Eric is an established author and blogger within the world of education. Eric also speaks on the lecture circuit about educational technology. For more information on Eric visit his Twitter account @ https://twitter.com/E_Sheninger or his personal website @ http://ericsheninger.com/