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About Kimberly:

I graduated from Texas A&M University with a BS and M.Ed. in Education. I worked as a teacher for 15 years in Bryan ISD teaching Agriculture Education, Career Investigations but most of my years were spent teaching Technology Applications!

I loved them all, but Tech Apps was my passion. I now serve the teacher in Franklin ISD, in Texas, as an Instructional Technologist. I love to help create technology portions of lessons that the teachers can use to make their lessons more engaging for students!

Kimberly is an instructional technologist known for her passion for all things educational technology.

She is an avid educational technology blogger too. Here at FAAET we first met Kimberly through her role as a Simple K12 Teacher Learning Community presenter.

For more information on Kimberly check out her Twitter account @ https://twitter.com/techmunoz or her personal website @ http://about.me/kmunoz

NearPod: Going Beyond PowerPoint to Engage

As educators, you can't deny the shift that is happening in education. Kids learn differently so we have to teach differently to reach their learning styles! We have to evolve with education or risk losing our student's attention. However, what hasn't changed is the time that teachers have to research to find the tools they need to update their "teacher tool kits." So I hope you find this new tool useful to add to your resources!

PowerPoint had it's day, but it's time to take it to the next level and make it interactive! Having your students interact during a presentation will help keep them engaged and drive your percentages higher for students who master the lesson objective. The tool that will help you achieve this is called NearPod!

You can create slide presentations from scratch or pull from their existing library of designed templates, but what's really exciting about NearPod is that you can incorporate polls, quizzes and multimedia into the presentation to assess them throughout the lesson. You can even take your old PowerPoint slides and upload them into NearPod.

How it works:

*The teacher launches a live session that pushes out a code for students to join.

*Using any device, laptop or computer, students can join the session and watch as the teacher goes through the presentation

*When a website, poll or anything interactive comes up on the screen, the students only have as much time as the teacher allows until the teacher advances to the next slide. This keeps the students on task and where the teacher wants them in the lesson.

*On interactive slides such as the quiz, website, poll or draw it feature, the teacher can only see what individual students are answering, and can share out, anonymously, to the class to show student work or to re-teach. This is my favorite feature!

NearPod is a very easy to use tool for any non-techy teacher and those techy teachers out there will appreciate these features as well. One of the teachers on my campus does not have a projector, so this was a great solution for her because she wouldn't have had a way to present to her students, otherwise. There are a lot of ways NearPod can be a solution to a problem. How do you see using this tool in your classroom or school?

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Written by Kimberly Munoz

Instructional Technologist for Franklin ISD

15 years prior teaching experience

@techmunoz--connect with me

Posted By: Kimberly Munoz

Date: November 14, 2014