Hour of Code – iPad Resources

December 8-14th is Computer Science Education Week. During this week, students around the world are encouraged to learn more about coding and computer science through the Hour of Code.

There are several tutorials students can work through online, offline, and with mobile devices.  Below we will briefly discuss a three of the free resources you can add to your classroom iPad this week.


Daisy and Dinosaur

This is the perfect app for students in the lower grades (PreK – 2nd).  The goal is to program Daisy by selecting various commands.  You can play either Free Mode or Challenge Mode.




With this app, you have to teach the robot how to move crates. Again, the students have to create a program the robot, which can be harder than it sounds. Like most games, you the puzzles get harder and harder as you progress.




Hopscotch is a good app for upper elementary students (3rd-6th). Students create a program by selecting a variety of commands. There are some in-app purchases, but the app itself is free.


Although these three apps seem simple, it begins to introduce students (at a young age) to the world of programming/coding.  I hope these three resources make your Hour of Code event even more enjoyable this week!